Personal privacy
It's a matter of concern.
Privacy cleanup
When we connect to Internet at home, in public, or anyplace, the browser will often leave a history track, what websites you have visited, what you have done, and those are your privacy. Therefore, you need to clean up the browser history and cache data regularly, prevent others from obtaining your online information, and cause your privacy leakage. At the same time, this can reduce the footprint on your disk and improve your Mac efficiency.
Supported browsers
There are some documents, such as personal documents, photos, or confidential business data that we don't want others to see. Then maybe you need to destroy it permanently after using if you are sure that you don’t need it again. By dragging it into the trash and emptying it doesn’t mean it is destroyed forever, because there are tools to help recovering deleted files, it may still lead to leakage of confidential information if not careful. Solving this problem by simply using our eraser tool.
WeClean X
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System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7+