A thorough cleaning
Allow your Mac to snap
back to its best.
System clean up
After a long time, the system is full of files that might be useless to you that needs to be cleaned up:Discarded cache files, system logs, user log files, redundant language files, and other junk you don't know about, they can affect your operating speed.
System log
Running activities of some Mac applications and services are usually logged to the log file, these log files are only used for program debugging, and are rarely used by ordinary users and so it should be removed.
User log
Application running feeds are constantly generating log files that take up huge disk space. These files are often used for application debugging and are useless to ordinary users.
System cache
The system creates a cache to store some information in advance so that some tasks can run smoothly. But those files will accumulate if you don't clean them up regularly.
User cache
cache files can speed up the starting or running speed of an application, but it can lead to performance degradation and even problems if accumulated too much.
Useless language
Your system and applications may store multiple languages other than your choice of language, those useless files will take up disk space.
Email attachment
When receiving emails with attachment files like PDFs, images or other files will be downloaded automatically, viewing them may generate new additional copies so it should be removed regularly.
Image Sweeper
When we open our album on acamera or aniOS device, we find that there are many photos taken at the same time, or the same location, that shares lots of similarities. It is a waste of time to compare these photos manually and delete the lower quality ones. Why not using ourimage sweeperfunction and advanced image comparison algorithm to locate those images?
Supported image types
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • RAW
  • TGA
  • Others
Delete forgotten old files
There are lots of old files in your Mac, especially if it is an old one, these files take up a lot of disk space: movies, music, expired application installation files, old file archives. Use MacCare Pro to find and monitor them, clean up unneeded documents in time, and release more available space.

How about some files that you stored

Two years ago
A year ago
Before June
Before March


iTunes clean up
If you often use iTunes to download music and applications, or to backup your iOS device or some other operation, it will accumulate a lot of useless files, need to be cleaned up regularly.
IOS device backup file
when using iTunes to backup iOS devices, usually such backup files will have multiple copies, and should be cleaned up in time.
IOS software update
after using iTunes to update the iOS system, the installation package becomes a dead weight,so it should be removed.
Download iOS apps
Download iOS apps: when using iTunes to install apps, which will automatically backup these apps. You can keep important application backups and remove unnecessary ones.
Corrupted download files
when there is an interruption whiledownloading music or applications in iTunes due to network or technical issues, it will produce corrupted files.
Duplicate files Finder
It is hard to locate some multiple copies of files which are under different names, location and different times, these re-saved files take up a lot of disk space after a long time.
Using our duplicate file lookup feature will help you locate and select the duplicate files, and to provide reference for your targeted cleaning.
WeClean X
WeClean X is easy to use and can improve your Mac performance effectively. Get WeClean X immediately! Today, let your MAC say goodbye to slow performance.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7+